bird watching


Get close to nature.

Variet of plant species

Variety of plant species.


Breathtaking views of Hervey Ranges from the wooden footbridge.

Nature Walk

Flora and Fauna

One of Peak Hill's hidden treasures. If you enjoy getting close to nature and are not afraid to venture into bushland, Peak Hill Flora and Fauna Nature Walk will reward you with many spectacles.

View the ever changing colours of the Hervey Ranges at sunset and at different times of the day or year,( from the wooden footbridge, around 300 meters into the walk) These Ranges will not disappoint with their kaleidesope of colours. Watch the bush appear to iginite with firey colours of orange red and gold during the winter months at sunset. A unique photo opportunity.

You may be startled by the odd rock wallaby or kangaroo just passing through. Why not sit for awhile and listen to the birds and natures whispers. Try to count the variety of plant species.

Entry is via the turnstile gate on Golf Club Road. A short walk from town. Keep an eye out for the Nature Walk sign on the right hand side.

Total length of the walk is around 1,400 metres. There is a shorter  loop walk, or you may wish to exit via the other side of the Reserve into Huie Avenue. No motorbikes permitted. The track is not suitable for bicycles. FREE ENTRY ALL YEAR ROUND 

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