The Dish

The Dish

Situated on the Newell highway approximately 28 km south of Peak Hill, and just a short 5km off the Newell Highway turnoff.

The Parkes Radio telescope was the star of the hit movie "The Dish" (2000) One of NSW most prominent landmarks. There is no mistaking its identity when it comes into view, set amidst the surrounding farmlands.

An amazing piece of scientific equipment you will marvel at the 64 metre paraboloid elegantly balanced atop a three storey concrete tower.

Admission to the discovery centre is free. There is a coffee shop located at The Dish for your convenience.

Why not pay a visit and explore a world of astronomy with hands on exhibits as well as many displays.

Opening hours are daily form 8.30am to 4.15pm.

Enquiries on (02) 6862 6000

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